Frequently Asked Questions

Will I own this unit just like a condominium?

Yes. These will be owned and subject to rules and regulations as outlined in the Property Owners Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Can I partner with my neighbor or business partner to purchase a unit?
Yes. Buyers can form partnerships/LLC’s to purchase one or more units.
Is there a monthly maintenance fee?
Yes. Owners will be subject to a monthly HOA fee estimated at $150.
Is flood insurance required?
No. The property is located on very high ground (51 ft. Elevation) and is designated FEMA “X” (i.e., above the 500 year flood).
Can I rent my unit?
Yes. Owners will be permitted to lease their units subject to the Condominium Rules.
Are the buildings hurricane rated?
Yes. These concrete and steel buildings are engineered with a 160 mph wind rating.
Can I operate my business from here?
This is a private, gated community and not accessible by the public. Owners can use this space as their “home office, away from home”, however, operating a business is not permitted.
Can I live in my unit?
No. These are not apartments.
Can I stay overnight?
These are not residential units and overnight stays will be limited to special circumstances or emergency situations such as hurricane shelters.
When will construction be finished?
The estimated date of completion is Summer 2023.
How many units are available?
Total of 48 units


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